2350 S. Huron Parkway • Ann Arbor, MI 48104

About Us

CAB RI O /ka-bre-o/ Noun 1. A car without a top 2. A property services company that goes beyond the normal limits to deliver service to its clients

About our company

Cabrio Properties and the Cabrio Group of Companies were established on the foundation that we are a service oriented company. Cabrio is a fully integrated property services and management company. We strive to give our clients and owners the best property management available. We are also an investment company with a portfolio of affiliated companies and syndicated investment strategies. Our firm operates with a guiding set of values that creates the best possible opportunities for our clients. We feel that service and property maintenance must be prompt and courteous. Property investment strategies must create value and improve the quality of our real estate. Accounting must be accurate, complete and transparent. Owners must feel their asset is secure and managed efficiently. Most importantly, we are people oriented. Cabrio drives to provide for both its clients and its team.

Corporate Values of The Cabrio Group

  • Exceptional Service and Dedication to Clients –We are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients and residents in a professional, prompt manner and to the absolute best of our ability. 
  • The Team – We are dedicated to providing an invigorating and rewarding working environment. We are committed to employee growth, education, health and personal success. A quality team offers the Company the best possible opportunity to service our clients in the best possible manner.
  •  Quality Partnerships – We strive to develop and maintain quality partnerships with clients, investors, lenders, principals, employees and vendors.
  •  Commitment to Communities –We will be a generous corporate citizen in the communities within which we work. We will accomplish this though philanthropy, responsible business practices and operating high quality real estate. 
  • Corporate Profit & Growth – We are responsible for our clients, stakeholders and shareholders capital value and their long term return on investment. We recognize that profits create long term capital growth, future opportunity and provide both job security and satisfaction.